We maintain long-term and best contacts to world´s leading diamond suppliers and cutters. As we are able to buy directly at the world market in Antwerp and Tel Aviv, we can guarantee the best price-value ratio for our clients. Our personal relationship to leading decision makers is the door opener to get (almost) all diamonds for most competitive prices. We can fulfill all your individual targets (either if used for an unique jewellery item, or as a long-term investment good). All diamonds provided will be certified by GIA, IGI or HRD.

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                      A diamond is forever…
Carat (the weight)

1 Carat (ct.) = 0.2 Gramm

Carat ist die Masseinheit eines Diamanten

fig.: selected sizes of brilliants (approx., ct.)

Natural diamonds exist in all color ranges. For jewellery purposes mainly white/colorless diamonds up to slightly tinted colors are used (e.g. on GIA´s scale from "D" to "Z")

Farben eines Diamanten 

fig.: Diamond colors for jewellery industry (illustrative)  

from "loupe-clean" (IF: internally flawless) down to visible inclusions (P1-3)
Reinheit von Diamanten
fig.: Diamond´s clarity (illustrative)

Schliff von Diamanten

fig.: Brilliant cut and selected variants (e.g. Princess, Baguette, Pear shape)



Conflict (conflict-free diamonds) 

We ensure and guarantee to fully fulfill and comply with all international "best-practice"-standards in diamond industry, e.g.:
"De Beers Diamond Best Practice Principles"


"Kimberley Process Certification Scheme"

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