The Terms and Conditions outlined below apply to all orders made with and distributions from Juwelier Nico Damken (formal company name: Dr. Nico Damken AG). We reserve the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time. Variations from the Terms and Conditions are only legally binding if we have agreed in writing the alterations. We explicitly reject any testiment made to the customer’s general terms and conditions.

In these terms and conditions:
"We" and "us" means Juwelier Nico Damken.
"You" and “the customer” means the person placing an order.
“Both parties” means Nico Damken and the person placing the order.


a) We only sell authentic original brand name watches and authentic jewellery.

b) All watches and jewellery items are new - unless it has been clearly defined as "used" or as "special offer", e.g. under "SALE: watches & jewellery".

c) Unless otherwise stated under the details of the watch description, we sell and deliver all new watches in their original casing; this consists of full instructions, manufacturer’s certified warranty certificate and presentation box.

d) The condition of all second hand/used watches or special offers (under "SALE: watches & jewellery") will be expressly described on a case by case basis. This description will indicate their:

  • condition and
  • the availability of the products original casing, certification and warranty.

e) We are reseller, and we are not officially authorized dealers of any brands mentioned on the website.

f) We are not connected to any of the watch manufacturers listed on this website.


a) All prices (‘prices’ are all prices which are shown on the website or conveyed through e-mail) are marked as:

  • Gross prices (i.e. incl. 8.1% Swiss VAT)
  • Net prices (i.e. excl. 8.1% VAT = exportprices, i.e. if you live abroad and want to export the item)

b) We offer quotes in the following currencies:

  • Swiss Francs (CHF)
  • Euros (EUR)

These currencies are accepted by Nico Damken as a means of payment (cash payments in Euros might imply 1% additional charge).

d) Customers favoured currency can be chosen when an order is placed.

e) The customer will receive verification of chosen currency once the order has been confirmed by us. Any alterations to the chosen currency may only take place before payment and only if both parties reciprocally agree.

f) We reserve the right to change prices at any time without (prior) notice which are:

  • shown on the website or
  • relate to an request for information made and conveyed through e-mail.


a) Latest at pick-up, payment of full purchase price is required by customer to Juwelier Nico Damken. On the occasion that a piece (e.g. a watch) is not in stock we reserve the right to request a deposit payment of 5-20%. You will be informed of this requirement on placement of order. For each special order we need a downpayment.

b) Methods of Payment.

Payment can be made (if the full purchase price as indicated at the time of sale) by any of the following ways:

  • cash in Swiss Francs or Euro
  • wire transfer (bank details will be provided on request)
  • debit cards (e.g. ec-card / maestro card)
  • creditcard payment is only available in our store and subsequent to an additional commission charge of min. +1,5 to 3,5% (depending on card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex)


a) With orders by telephone, by email or in person you are making an offer to purchase goods - which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract. Orders can be made during our working hours, or via Email (info@juwelier-damken.com) anytime.

b) We reserve the right to refuse any order.

c) In the unlikely event that a product has been taken out of production during order timeline, or delivery has been stopped or refused by supplier or manufacturer, we will have to cancel the order and will refund the full payment directly (if applicable).

d) If the delivery time exceeds the expected or scheduled delivery time by more than 6 months, both the buyer and seller can cancel the order with full refund of payment (if applicable).


a) You will receive your purchase at pick-up in our shop at Bleicherweg 54, 8002 Zurich / Switzerland upon notification and alignment. We will ask clients maximum 3 times to pick-up their orders, and - if clients still refuse pick-up and payment of order for more than 3 months - we will start selling the order item elsewhere to minimize our loss (without refunding any downpayment made - if applicable).

b) On special request, we do also ship selected jewellery items within Switzerland. We do not ship new luxury watches - unless clearly agreed from our side before starting an ordering process. In general, watches have to be picked-up personally in our store in Zurich. We do not sell resp. ship watches abroad.

c) For domestic shipping we use one of the leading shipping services (e.g. Swiss Post, Fedex, Swiss Secure Post) and communicate all tracking numbers via e-mail once the order has been despatched.

d) We have undertaken to insure all deliveries through Juwelier Nico Damken.


a) Once payment has been received, any jewellery item in stock will be shipped immediately.

b) On occasion that a watch or jewellery item is not in stock we will notify you via e-mail on placement of your order with the expected approximate delivery date. In the unlikely event of any major changes to this we will contact you via e-mail.
You cannot cancel any order, if there is a delivery time delay. If you want to cancel anyway, there is no return of downpayment.

c) If a watch or jewelery items has been taken out of production during order timeline or if we cannot supply the product any longer as expected before, we will directly refund the (part-/full-) payment back (if applicable).

d) You can also track the position of an order any time and contact us through:

Email info@juwelier-damken.com
Telefon +41 43 344 91 80


a) It is upon shipment of the jwellery item that title and risk is passed (we only ship within Switzerland).

b) On the occasion of customer collection of the watch or jewellery item from our shop in Zurich, title and risk is passed upon collection of the item.


Unless otherwise specifically stated, all official manufacturer’s warranties are for a period of minimum 2 years (sometimes up to 8 years, depending on brand and model). This is dependent on the watches make and model. Exceptions are the used watches - see detailed decription for each model under "SALE: watches & jewellery".


a) Watches: as we work on order base only, each watch order is an individual, client specific order. Thus, all ordered resp. bought watches via Juwelier Nico Damken cannot be returned or exchanged with cash back option. Customers need to be 100% sure whether they want to order it or not - no money will be refunded.

b) Jewellery: for all ordered or manufactured jewellery a) applies accordingly - no return or exchange is possible. All other jewellery from our stock can be exchanged within a time frame of 14 days against money voucher - no money will be refunded.


a) We strive to protect our customer’s privacy and the safe transfer of all data to the best possible standard as is reasonable. We undertake the following precautions to achieve this:

b) Use of Data:

  • All personal data is treated in the strictest confidence.
  • We only request information required to fulfil an order.
  • We may only contact you if you agreed and subscribed for our newsletter. You can cancel your subscription any time under info@juwelier-damken.com.

c) Transfer of Data:

  • We only transfer data when essential to fulfil the agreement with the customer.
  • We will not transfer, send or sell any personal data to third parties.

d) Storage of Data:

  • All personal data provided is stored for internal use only, to aid purchases for current customers.
  • All data is stored in a secure computer system and kept for as long as is permitted by law.

e) For more details and questions regarding security please contact:

Email: info@juwelier-damken.com
Telefon +41 43 344 91 80


This agreement is subject to Swiss law, excluding the conflict of law rules.


The entire Copyright © for web design, layout, graphics and text belongs to CH Luxury Goods Services Ltd. -  for the case no copyright of a third party is affected. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The provider does not take liability for the content of websites which are connected through hyperlinks as contents are from foreign sources. There is no engagement or control of tracing necessary. Listed trademarks and brand names are property of the corresponding owners.


a) If you have any questions, please contact us via the following ways:

By Email: info@juwelier-damken.com
By Phone: +41 43 344 91 80
By Person:
Bleicherweg 54
8002 Zürich

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