MyBF_FoundationThe Metlha ya Bofelo foundation is a non-profit organisation which is being fully managed by volunteers. It has been founded near Kasane / Botswana (Africa) in August 2010. Its major target is to support orphans in „Chope“-area to make sure they have a better future.

The „Chobe“ area faces one of the highest HIV-infection rates in Central Africa. Especially prostitution along the „Kazungula“-borderline between Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe affects a wide spread of HIV/AIDS in the region.

charity2Most vulnerable target groups of HIV/AIDS are women and children – driven by poverty, unemployment, disparities between men and women, drugs and sexual abuse.

The major foundation activities focus on these deficiencies. The volunteers educate, prepare regular meals and – expecially – provide loving care.


Living in the camp

Currently, approx. 35-40 children come after school to get a proper lunch, to receive help with homework, or just to play with other children. They receive one further meal before they return to their „homes“ in the evening.

charity4he children are the losers of HIV/AIDS pandemie. The state Botswana provides no or just rare support or help to these children.


Pictures and feedback


„Thank you, Nico“ (Anne Marie Melgaard, Chairman MyBF),
100% of the donated money is being used for the program.


Reports from the camp

"...We have our annual general meeting next week and I am happy to say that we are doing well. The activities with the children have improved in quality, we are getting better in contacting the homes and follow up on children who need more attention, and  yes, all children are growing well, have less diseases and are showing signs of better ability in socialising.

The last issue is our main concern and we have started a project, Children's Voices, Kazungula" which we hope can help us. The aim of the project is to facilitate communication between the children and the adult around them on the children's initiative. In Botswana the children are seen but not heard and we hope to make a difference so our children will be seen and heard and the adult better understand how the children think and feel about their situation as orphans and living in an environmet of HIV/AIDS and poverty. The life of the children is not an easy one and many of them are angry , they dont know where to put  the anger and we hope via the Project to find ways to help them.

Again, .... many thanks for the lovely donations which makes it possible for us to feed the children better. Thank you...."
(Anne Marie Melgaard, Chairman MyBF)




Activities with Efa – nursery worker





Beside his Botswana activities, Nico Damken also sponsors SOS-Kinderdörfer (example Lesotho):

IMG 0579  IMG 0577


Update from Camp Lesotho (Christmas / December 2017):

sos 2


U P D A T E:
CAMP Lesotho (2018):



U P D A T E:
CAMP Lesotho (2019):

SOS Kinderdorf Lesotho_Damken


SOS Kinderdorf Lesotho_Damken 2019

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